2020 Dodge Journey blue exterior passenger side driving in snow

How Safe is the 2020 Dodge Journey?

2020 Dodge Journey Available Safety Features

There are several factors that you need to consider when looking for a new family vehicle. You need to have enough seats, a spacious cargo area, and a possible entertainment center for the kids. However, no matter what type of vehicle you get, the safety of your family is at the top of your list. The 2020 Dodge Journey is equipped with several available safety features to keep you safe. Keep reading to learn more about these features.

Keeping you and your family safe

2020 Dodge Journey front driver side driving and turning in snow
  1. ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera. Backing up larger vehicles can often be daunting. This feature provides you with a view of what’s behind your Journey when you shift gears into reverse.
  2. ParkSense® Rear Park Assist System. If an object is in your path when you are reversing, this system will send out a warning. Parking has never been safer and easier.
  3. Brake Assist. If you slam on your brakes in an emergency, this feature detects the increased rate of application. To help you stop in time, it will boost the braking power.
  4. Electronic Brake Force Distribution. This feature helps to optimize stopping distance in all weather conditions. It does this by regulating brake pressure from the front to the rear.
  5. Four-Wheel Disc Antilock Brakes. To help maintain control, this four-channel antilock brake system monitors the speed of each wheel. This allows the system to have individual wheel braking.
  6. Crumple Zones. The body of the Dodge Journey has specifically designed crumple zones in the front and rear. This allows for any energy absorbed during impact to be redirected away from passengers.

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Learn more about the Dodge Journey

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